No access to Run local trigger activities


I’m having a odd issue around the new forms activity, following to tutorials I’ve found i need to add a run local trigger after my form to run the event. I’m using 23.4 studio (not community) with forms activity 23.4.6 and uiautomation version 23.4.8 and the activity simply does not appear

I’ve tried a windows and cross platform project however only Windows work. I’m assuming something is missing but as of now I don’t know what

Any hints to get my forms working?

Hello @Jake_Trans, try this:

  1. Check Compatibility: Confirm that the Forms activity version you are using is compatible with UiPath Studio 23.4.
  2. Update the Package: If you find that the Forms activity is not installed or if it’s installed but not visible, try updating the package to the latest version or reinstalling it from the Package Manager.
  3. Dependencies: Double-check if there are any missing or conflicting dependencies in your project. Make sure all required packages and dependencies are correctly installed.
  4. Restart UiPath Studio: Sometimes, restarting UiPath Studio can help in refreshing the activities and making them visible.
  5. Contact Support: If the issue persists, consider reaching out to UiPath Support for further assistance. They can provide additional guidance and help troubleshoot the problem


Can you okease show some screenshot of what you are searching for …or what is actually missing


Thanks for both of your comments - I was able to see this on the latest version of community

the attached is the function I’m looking for,

and the dependencies


@rodrigo.simao - I’ll retry on the non-community edition.

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I’m having no luck libraries are the same and it won’t appear – I’ll get in touch with support and when I have the solution I’ll post it here

Found the solution with the help of support , it was something silly missing, the filter below was switched off , hence why I couldn’t see the items, interesting it doesn’t filter out all of them.


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