UiPath.FormActivityLibrary v2.0.5 is not exist in my UiPath Studio

Hi Community,

I am not able to find the UiPath.FormActivityLibray in my uiapth studio version 2023.4.0, could you please let me know , how I can I get it.


we assume that all relevant feeds within the manage packages are enabled.

Check for if it is offered or not

Hi @Tapan_Behera1,

You can try updating the UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities dependency to version 23.4.0-Preview for your process from Studio → Manage Packages > Include Prerelease.
If that doesn’t work, you can try installing the UiPath.FormActivityLibrary package from the Manage Packages window.


Hi @ppr thanks for your quick reply. Actually, I am not getting any updated packages as well as the library(provided by UiPath) in my 2023.4.0 studio(enterprise). Do I have to do some settings in my orchestrator?

please check and enable the feeds like

Your networks security may be blocking the URLs

Hi @postwick then how can I enable the network security? could you please guide me?

Talk to your network security department.