Next LTS release

Will the next UiPath release be an LTS version?


We can refer this link for product cycle


Next version is not in the table

LTS / FTS cycles as mentioned by @Palaniyappan

typically around the November we can expect an announcement. Specific Date will be announced by UiPath, when it is cleared internally by them.

Last LTS version was released on October 28th 2020 of version 2020.10.10

I Hope Next release will happen between October - December of this year

Dates will be announced by UiPath

Cheers @joris89

Orchestrator 21.10 should be release October 25th. This is the date I’ve seen in emails and mentioned by our CSM the other day.

Further supporting that date, you can look at the empty Release Notes: 2021.10.

But of course until it is actually released, there is always the chance it could be delayed.

Noteworthy tidbit, this change in release cycles started in 2019, so your xx.4 (April) is the FTS and xx.10 (October) is the LTS.

UiPath Introduces A New Release Strategy

We will adopt a cadence of two Enterprise Platform updates every year. The timing of these releases target April and October of each year. The April release of each year will be a Fast Track Support (FTS) and the October release will be a Long Term Support (LTS) release. This allows you to select the model that best supports your business requirements. You can learn more about our product support lifecycle here.