UiPath Release Plan and Maintenance



Our current release plan includes:

  • one Major release per year
  • Minor releases every approx 3 months and
  • Patches when needed.

Major versions may be marked as

  • Long Term Support (LTS) - supported 6 months from the general availability of a subsequent LTS release.
  • Fast Track Support (FTS) - supported 3 months until the general availability of a subsequent FTS or LTS (upgrade forced)

Our currently supported versions:
2016.1 - FTS — Out of Support
2016.2 - LTS
2017.1 - FTS —Out of Support
2018.1 - FTS
2018.2 - FTS
2018.3 - FTS



What is the next LTS support version (it was supposed to be 2018.2)?
We are running Orchestrator 2016.2 and Robots 2017.1.
How can 2017.1 be out of support for a Robot when there is no LTS version of Orchestrator that can run 2018.1 Robot? Are you saying we should revert Robots back to 2016.2 to get support?


@badita Is it possible to give tentative release dates for these? Thanks.


18.2 - May 20
18.3 - Sep 1

V2018.2 Beta release

Great. Thanks.


Can you guys please update me which version is going out of support in UiPath?


And How stable is UiPath 2018 version?


The newest uipath version is the best uipath version.
As of now only 2016.2 has LTS until we declare one of the 18 versions as LTS


We are trying to plan an upgrade from 2016.2 to the next LTS support version, but it is difficult to plan when we don’t know when that LTS version will be declared. 2018.2 has now been released. What critieria will you use and when will you announce whether 2018.2 or 2018.3 will be the next LTS version?


It won’t be 18.2 as 18.3 brings many important features. It will be a very important release.

However upgrading from 18.2 to 18.3 should be simpler.


As of now 18.3 will bring lots of new features and 18.4 will be a fast and stabilization only release which will be declared LTS.


Is there any estimates that when the 18.4 (LTS) will be published?


end of the year. december probably.


Thank you!