Next activates after (Continue) activity still exected


I always use (Continue) activity inside the catch block inside for each row in data table activity and it always works properly, but today when I used it I was surprised that the robot continue executing the activities after (Continue) activity and throw system error which it is normal because I add try-catch and used (Continue) to prevent the robot from continue executing and force move to next line in the data table.
so I added a log message before and after (Continue) activity to trace the execution and I see this result


the robot print both messages as you see in the images

and another strange thing is that I added another log message after that try-catch activity immediately and only rare once the robot executes this activity(after about 800 rows)

please can anyone explain to me what happened ? and how can I prevent the robot from executing after (Continue) activities


I replicated your steps, but I didn’t found any issue

It’s better if you can upload your entire workflow and the dependencies, so that we can test


can you add it please inside the catch block of try-catch activity? (you can add trow SE from try block for a quick test)

because my project is very large and has a lot of dependences

thank you, dear

@Mohammed_Bakr i think if you put continue in “Catch”, the robot still executes activities inside the catch block BUT will skip everything after the catch. im not sure if this is intended or not

you can see my example here, it prints after but not after2


yes you are right, it is the same for me,

thank you dear

@Mohammed_Bakr Try updating the UiPath.System.Activities

If the above one didn’t work then try using break activity. It makes the current loop to break


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