New to UIPath: Unable to find Start Node and Unable to add FlowDecision Activity after Message Box Activity

Hi all,

I just started Level1 Training in UiPath. During the Practice1, I was trying to implement it in community edition. But couldn’t find start node when I created the new process. So I directly dragged the MessageBox activity which comes under sequence. Now I need to add flow decision but Couldn’t able to drag it,

Can anyone please help me out of this.

Can you share snapshot.what is the issue your facing.

Any activity you can easily drag and drop from activity panel to work space
If you are not able to find that activity then you have to download that packages .

Thanks for you reply.
I got one solution first I dragged the flowchart activity. By doing that I got startNode.and similalry able to add decision flow.

We can use flow decision inside flow chart only
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