Start action not present in Main page


Hi all. I am new to Uipath, and hence I am sorry if my question is silly.

Even after I select Flowchart as the workflow, it doesn’t show the start stage. How can I solve this problem ?



From where you are selecting?



The problem is persistant only in “Main” window. The main window doesn’t have the “Start” stage


If you will create from New-> Flow Chart it will also give you the main window and sorry if not getting your words.



To make my question more clear, this is how my main page looks like. The start activity cannot be seen here.

Thanks a lot for your willingness to help


To do this you have to select flowchart from the activities pane or from scratch at the time of project creation select flowchart process. On Blank new project selection you will not get this. It’s a user choice either he will use “Sequence”,":Flow chart" or “State Machine”.

So he can select any one of them from activities pane.



Got your answer. Thanks a lot