New to UiPath- data scrapping in a for-each loop from URLs - errors encountered

Hi, I am quite new to UiPath and have been trying the past few days trying to scrap data from websites. However, it doesn’t seems to be working. Essentially, what I am trying to do is

  1. Read URLs from excel
  2. Go to the URLs and copy data tables into excel
  3. Repeat until all URLs are completed

Now, my work flow looks like this:
Excel application scope-> read column -> for each item in column read-> uses “data scraping” function to read the table data that I want -> write range.

The problem is that after running, there is no data being written at all.

The URLs are
and so on.

Is it because the tables are slightly different in each of the URLs or am I not supposed to use the data scraping function (via the “Design” ribbon in UiPath studio)?

@Simiishthis, welcome to the community.

Both tables seems similar so data scrapping should work. However as you mentioned you are using write range, that can be an issue as write range overwrites the existing data, if you writing in the same sheet / file. In this case I would suggest you to use append range activity.

Also, before writing into the excel file, I would suggest you to check how many rows got extracted from the webpage; you can print into a message using DT.rows.count.tostring .

If it still doesn’t work, I can see there are options “Download Excel File” and “Export to CSV”. You can use them as well.

Please try above mentioned steps and let me know if you still face any issues.


@vikaskulhari thanks!

I would prefer not to go to the manual download options. Thats why I picked up on RPA in the first place.

I tried printing the number of rows, it seems i got 0.

Please see below for my test file. Can you kindly help me to understand where I went wrong? For my data scrapping, I performed it in the web page before dragging it into the for-each statement.