Data Scraping inside "for each row"


I have an excel file that contains several variables that I want to use to perform a web search. I use “read range” to read the data from the Excel table and “for each row”. In total I would like to do three searches. For each search i want to apply Data Scraping and save the results in a separate Excel file. Unfortunately, only the Data Scraping results from the first iteration are always transferred into the table. Does anyone know a solution? Thanks in advance!


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Can you please share screenshot of your flow. And also try to run the process in Debug mode and check step by step where it is missing.


maybe you are using the write range activity instead the append range activity, please switch to append range and try again



thank you for your answer! I’m already using “Append Range”. Only the Data Scraping results from the first search are transfered 3 times into my table.

Hello @Tris_H,

Can you clear the datatable just after appending to excel and try again?


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Thank you!

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