Data Scraping Loop


I have an excel that contains 100 website link. I created a workflow that can read each cell and open browsers but I can’t create a loop (or while) for data scrapping. When I try it, data scrapping tool scraps only first web page’s data. All web pages have the same table. How can I loop data scrapping?

For give an example, I want to share this video: Iterate through each Web URL UiPath in Hindi | UiPath RPA - YouTube

Thank you!

Can you post a screenshot of your workflow?

Hi @Atakan_Kiziltan

1.Use Excel application scope activity pass the path of excel file.
2.Next use read range activity pass the sheet name and create output data table variable.
3.Use for each row activity pass the data table variable and then use open browser pass the row(“ColumnName”).After that you can use data scrapping.

Kommi Jeevan.


I did it but it couldn’t do Data Scrapping activity for second website because we changed to source for every web site.

What do you mean ‘changed to source’?

Add a delay after loading data from each page, then try the data scrapping.

Do you have solution for your problem? can you share with me?