New to RPA & coding/I.T. skills

Hello everyone,

My new is P.J. and I’m very new to RPA developer technology.

I was wondering if I have to have any kind of coding skills, computer programming, to be a robotic process automation developer? I’m having a hard time learning this and my way of learning is to clarify any misunderstandings within the text. I can’t find a very simple easy to use glossary full of glossary terms on this technology. Trying to clarify the terms has been like going from one place to another place to another place instead of getting all the information as it was where I could fully understand it and use it without any problems.

I am very new to this and it is my goal to get through this within about a few to several months so I can immediately get a job.

I was going through learning about web development but my sister had suggested this as a career path because she thought it would be easier for me and that I could get through it a lot quicker than I would be able to get through web development.

I need some help finding a very easy to use very easy to understand glossary where I’m not constantly having to clear up so many terms and it takes me forever to get something understood so that way I can breeze through all of this better understand it know how to use it very well and be able to get a job very fast. Please help!

Hi @pjawriter

if you are new to RPA/Uipath

i strongly suggest you to go through academy courses powered by uipath academy

Okay but where can I find a glossary of easy to use robotic process automation terms that will explain the meanings of those terms like I am in fourth grade or a four year old?

If you have serious ambitions to be hired as an RPA developer then in my opinion, yes, you need good coding skills. These are not things that you can quickly learn about by reading a glossary much like you cannot write sentences in an unfamilar language by looking up a bunch of words and placing them in any order.
It feels like you are looking for a quick win, and there isn’t one here. You’d need to start with the foundations of object oriented programming and there is alot to get your head around. Ideally sign up for a proper course on programming at a local college / university.

If you insist on forging ahead with only a basic knowledge of coding than you can still create solutions in UiPath, thats what their citizen developer stuff is aimed at, but thats a lower level than someone who is hired as an RPA developer. If you complete the academy and then pass the exam to get advanced certification there is a chance an employer would take you on as a junior employee and help you to progress.

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Excuse me but maybe I wasn’t clear.

When I said that I needed a glossary to get terms defined that was all I meant and I know that this takes a lot of work

Yes, and I am suggesting there is no such solution such as a ‘glossary’ for learning this stuff. MSDN has a bunch of articles explaining various stuff kind of like a glossary but it expects the programming skills I indicated above to read them so it is not what you are asking for. There is not a quick win resource here I think.

I was in the middle of learning web development from home but then I got into a rush needing to get a job faster and my sister suggested I learned RPA in order to speed things up so I could get work.

So wouldn’t learning about web development help out with this?

Not really. Building web pages isn’t really programming.

You need to study basics to be able to do RPA (at least with UiPath).

Learning RPA (and the underlying technologies) well enough to be a RPA developer isn’t going to happen in a matter of a few months.

As someone else suggested, do the free training on the UiPath Academy web site. If you can’t get through that, then you’re missing the necessary programming and other technology knowledge.

If I may say, your sister hasn’t got the situation quite accurate.
You can learn RPA fast enough to make a solution, deploy a bot to maybe help you with a daily task, but I do not think you can learn it fast in order to get a job as an rpa developer. You need to do all the basic training and get experience in my opinion, plus understanding programming is super important for all but the most basic automations.

I do not think you’ll achieve your goal of getting a job quickly by trying to learn RPA.

The demand for RPA developers is still very high. Many companies offer junior / traineeship type jobs, where they’ll invest in teaching you. Yur entry point in this industry will be a bit lower, but if getting your foot in the door is the primairy goal you could consider this as an option.

Sure, I am aware, I lead a team of RPA developers and we struggle to recruit. I personally would not hire someone with zero background in development who has only completed the UiPath exam however, even as a brand new junior. Its not worth the investment at that point because the person is still so unproven as if they can become a good developer.
If you accept that then you might aswell just recruit anybody and pay them to do the UiPath academy training and remove all qualifications

As I mentioned before its a huge maybe that an RPA team might hire you on just passing the academy, but thats a big if and this guy sounds like he needs serious, somber job advice as being unreasonably optimistic cause the demand is hire could cause some harm by having him invest alot of time and money into something that doesn’t result in any career opportunities.
You can obviously invest and become an RPA developer with no prior experience, but it will require alot of time and learning and this post is taking about a quick win.