New tab issue on IE

Hello guys,

I am doing an automation that open a specific URL, with login, password.
It’s ok until here.
But when I click in specific button called “JOBS”, this button open a new IE browser. That is a function that we cannot cannot change.

The question is:

  • How follow that “new browser” and take click’s on there?
    Because the UiPath Studio lost the reference when it goes to the new browser :pensive:

Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the forum.

A first option would be to use a new seperate Attach Browser and bind it to the new opened page. Can You check?

Thanks Peter,

I tried it, but I dont have the adress of that new page.
The page is created by a button. And I need click in that page created.

we can use also the title for the parent selector.
Don’t worry, for tricky scenario we can check as well if it is needed.
But lets a try to solve it first more common techniques