Help to know a function that changes tabs in the browser

help please, I’m having a problem that after automating the login I am directed to another page that has to put another login so that UiPath is not recognizing this other page in the browser how do I make it recognize this other page?


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If its a different kind of window…try using another use application/browser scope


Thank you very much, it worked

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Hi @william_emanoel

Please try this-

  1. Wrap your automation sequence within an “Attach Browser” activity. This activity allows UiPath to target a specific browser window and ensures that subsequent activities are performed within that specific browser instance.
  2. Indicate the elements on the new page: If UiPath is not recognizing elements on the new page, you may need to re-indicate those elements using the appropriate activities (e.g., “Click,” “Type Into,” etc.). Use the UI Explorer to indicate the elements on the page and update your automation accordingly.