Application Browser - New Tab Issue

So I am finally using the latest release due to being on enterprise edition :slight_smile:

Just trying to get to grips with the new “Use Application/Browser” function

My automation uses this to

navigate to login page
enter username
enter password
click login

next screen loads
click link
opens a new browser tab

now the issue I am having is that it won’t use the new tab, just changes it back to the original url, I even did a navigate to and same again, any help greatly appreciated

You have to do another Use Application/Browser activity to attach to the new tab (seen as a window).

So I thought that would be the case, I assume you would but it outside of the original
“Use Application/Browser” activity?

It can be outside or inside the original, doesn’t matter, it depends on your process. If you need to go back to controlling the original window after using the sub-window, then put the sub “use” inside the original “use.” If it’s more of a sequential thing where you do things in the first window then in the second window, and don’t go back to the first window, then put the second “use” after, not inside, the first “use.”