Hello! Please I need help I am automating web scraping. I have the following problem: the site opens a new tab automatically when I click an element. UIpath cans open the new tab, but it returns automatically to the initial page (so, I cannot make clicks, etc on the page opened). I used the command Ctrl + Tab, but didnt work. How can I solve this?
This is the example:
1: [ ] - I click on the element.
2: [] - The site opens the new tab automatically. I use the command Ctrl + Tab to go. I need to do different things in this Tab.
3: [] - UIPath returns me to the first tab and I cannot do anything in the other tab.


Hi @JRR1,

Are you using new attach browser/use browser/application activity when new window pops up?


Hi Austin.

I wanst using “use browswer” activity when the new tab opened.
I used it and that work excellent.
Thank you so much

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Hi @JRR1,

Glad that worked out for you. You’re welcome!

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