New package Explorer options with 2019.10 Beta

Few new exciting options has been introduced into Uipath orchestrator’s package Explorer

Let’s see what are those

  1. Package Migration

  2. Package Explorer

The Packages page enables you to view all the available versions of any package, along with their statuses, arguments, and release notes - if available. Moreover, you can upload one or multiple packages, download a specific package version, delete it, or explore its contents in a manner similar to that of the Workflow Designer in Studio.

And the new Packages folder’s UI is as Below

Click on the ‘View versions’ of the Package

You can see the Release notes of that package which input by Developer while publishing the package

Click on ‘Explore Package’

Now it will display the package explorer as below

At the left margin it will display the Package versions and clicking on each version will give you the Package details of .Xaml files and Dependency package details of that Package

Now click on any Xaml file to see what are the activities used inside that workflow/xaml file

Now click on any sequence/ activity of the workflow to see the properties of that sequence/ activity

Now you can double click on each activity / sequence in the same way to inspect further workflow


Hi @vinay_reddy,
Great topic! I’ll move it to FAQ :slight_smile:
Let me just inform that it’s worth to check it in documentation as well:


Hi ,
Can you please help me out in assigning the new modified package as the active one ? I have done a small change to my package and published the same, but I am not able to select the new published package and on running I see the old one getting executed !

Hi @Arvindh_Ravichandran,
Go to:
And click on:
Then you can mark new version which has been published and set is as active.

Hi Pablito,
I tried the same but I am unable to change my status to active.

and on clicking the check boxes i can only delete the same.

Sorry for my mistake. In new Orchestrator you need to go:
Then add the package. Or if it’s already added and new version is published you can go:
And the choose correct version using these icons:

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