How to see release notes of published package in Orchestrator?


I am publishing, updating and reverting packages. I can’t see the release notes of the package which is given on publishing project from UiPath Studio. If I am able to see release notes in orchestrator, that’s would be awesome. Is there any option available?

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We can see them in packages sub tab of Process tab in orchestrator
There we can get the details of the process with the packages been released so far

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Hi @Palaniyappan,

I can able to see only the description. The following red mark is the description. I don’t see anything related to release notes.

But I would like to see the release note!


Why I am asking is! When I revert back to previous versions, It will be really helpful to choose the right one. we can’t keep all notes by ourself.

May I know what you term as release notes buddy
Usually when we publish a package we could see the package version and if we create a process for that package in the orchestrator we can create it with a description
—and if we want to get back to the previous version we would usually get that with version number and we can see that in Process tab in orchestrator (not in the System robot tray) and inside that we need to get into Package tab where we can search for our project and change the version we published earlier and make it as a current one so that when the process is executed it will run under that version

Cheers @kuppu_samy

You can see the release notes here @kuppu_samy



Wow, Finally got it!
Thanks @HareeshMR @Palaniyappan for spending time with me.

Cheers @kuppu_samy

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