Cannot find release notes of published package in Orchestrator?

Using UIPath Studio v2019.10.3, and Orchestrator v2019.10.16, when I publish a new version of a process to Orchestrator, I enter “Release Notes” for that new version. After upload to Orchestrator, how can I find those release notes again? There was a previous topic that said to look on the “Packages” sub-tab of the Processes section, but I don’t see any “Packages” sub-tab. Thanks for your help.

This is how I have been able to see them:

  • Select tenant
  • Select Packages
  • Select the hamburger menu (with the 1,2,3 on the left side of it) for whichever package you want to examine
  • Select Change Log

This is where the updates should be listed. This was done in the new Ui for orchestrator, let me know if you are using the old version and i will try to find that as well.

Thank you Joseph! I clicked the “Packages” menu item underneath the “Management” section and found everything else as you describe. Best regards.

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