Online Studio - Option to view the xaml file online, like in the studio

Can we have an xaml editor online, like UiPath studio, so that we can solve many small issues in workflows without downloading it to our machines. That will mostly help the forum mobile version users like me to help others. It’s just a suggestion, don’t know the practicality and it’s limitations.

Hi @shankm,
There is already such thing in Orchestrator. It’s called Package Explorer and you can check by this all packages uploaded into Orchestrator.

Right now it’s the first version of it, but I’m pretty sure it will evolve to something bigger and more useful. So please stay tuned :wink:


Hi @Pablito,
That’s nice. I tried that, I can’t find any ways to see the selector and other options like in our studio.
For understanding a high level structure of the flow, this is enough.
I know uipath will surely expand the features in the upcoming updates.
Actually I’m looking for an online studio😜


Thank you for your suggestion. I added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.

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