New layout for the Uipath studio

Dear Community,

I would like to ask how can we proceed the step below when installing the UIpath as per screenshot below. Can we still choose for the Community edition?

Thank you.

Hi Jacob,

You have to first register in UiPath Platform which would provide a UiPath Orchestrator to play with. Once you are sign up, and from that same screen I think you can go to More Options and you should be able to Activate with the Service URL of your UiPath Platform account

Dear @RockSolid ,

If i dun have the license , can i still do the step? Could you guide the step " would provide a UiPath to play with. Once you are sign up, and from that same screen"

Many thanks in advance

That’s the thing: when you register for in the UiPath Platform you get a couple of licenses. Use those. Where did you get the installer from?

Dear @RockSolid ,

Many thanks for your help. It work perfectly.

@SH_94 can you please detail what steps have you done?

Where did you got the installer file? What is the filename and what is the Studio version. Also have you tried the from the screen you shared?

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