New issue with user profile in orchestrator

I don’t find the robot icon due to there’s no default folder in my user in orchestrator !!!
Can someone tell me how to find the robot icon and the environment icon in order to create unattender robot in an environment ?

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have a look here:

also have a click on tenant

for a further exploration

Hi @anon64851652

To add to the previous response, please see here:

@anon64851652 So in new feature of orchestrator they are only providing you the shared folder with no default one.
There is already by default a robot is created. You can check Tenant–> Robots.
Something like below:

HI @anon64851652

You can also refer to this video…

Solved, but still unattended robot is unlicenced, but anyway it helps.

Thanks … :slight_smile:

Yeah… it is connected though it says that… The team will fix it soon :slight_smile:

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