New Invoke Process not working as planned

Hi, im using the 22.10 version of Studio and UiPath.System dependenci.
In this version, the Invoke process activity was changed to a more “smart” one where, given a process name and folder, it would automatically load all the process arguments and automatically show on the activity body, like that:

My issue here is that, at least if the process is on a legacy orchestrator folder, when running this activity, an error happens:
The reason for this error is that the activity is passing the package name, but the legacy folder, i think, is expecting the process name. Okay, so let`s move this process to a modern folder, and try again:

No process can be found, even if I try with some letters to start the auto complete, not happens:

I tried every way. Changed my current folder on UiPath Studio, changed the FolderPath argument, nothing. In fact, I can even see the desired process on Data Manager, but it doenst matter, in factm if I try to right click on it, the following error occurs:

I dont know if this is a know bug, or im being too dumb to know how to correctly use this activity :slight_smile: I would appreciate some help.

Hi @lucas.stern,

This “Invoke process” activity that you are using is available only for cross-platform projects at this moment. Because of that, the ProcessName field searches only for processes that are developed as cross-platform. Are the processes that you want to invoke cross-platform?

Even though this is meant only for cross-platform, if you are running the process on a Windows Machine, you can also reference Windows or Windows-Legacy projects as they can run on Windows. It’s not something that we support even though it works in this scenario.

The data manager shows you all the available processes in the current folder selected from Studio. The problem that you are seeing is a bug which we are still investigating.

Please let us know which version of Studio/Robot are you using and what kind of Process type.

Thank you,