Invoke Process is not working as expected

The activity Invoke Process is not working correct see Invoke Process - Process name not found - Help / Studio - UiPath Community Forum

Expected result: You invoke the process as configured in the orchestrator (think of version, entrypoint, arguments set in the orchestrator).

Real Result: You have to configure the package by name. So you are invoking a package, not a process. So you don’t have central control over the version. And you dont have the benefit of central configuration at the orchestrator.

I think this is a wrong approach from Uipath and it is hindering our Hyper Automation strategy with UiPath. We don’t want to have End to End Robots anymore. We want small microbots who can be invoked bij Invoke Process. Does anyone know a workaround from this bug?

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Hi @emil.wesselink

In the latest version of the System package I can this new option that should hopefully resolve your issue:

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