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How to get data from Generate data table and write them on a excel. I need to get data each time and do the same for 1000 times.


You can read pdf or any other document that will provide text/string.
You can generate data table using that text/string.
you can eventually write it worksheet.

To know more, plz follow weblink as below…

Here at the end I’m using get attribute to read the data from the website and converting it into a data table using generate data table and I want to write that data from the data table to the excel. And I have to get different data each time and do the same in the rows below in the excel. How do I do that.??


For that, you will have to use Append Range activity instead of Write Range.
that will write data at very end row of excel and will not erase existing data.

Does this help?

But I want that to be in a specific column say “A2” because I have to perform the same operation to other data and want that to be in “B2”, C2 and…


You have a last option,

  1. Read excel and take it in datatable
  2. Take write range activity and in range property provide dynamic range like “A”+(dt.rows.count + 2).ToString

this will start writing from specified column