Write data table column in excel row


I have a data table which is having one of the column name:- Title

I want to write all the values from “Title” column to excel worksheet from “K2:CE2”

Please help me on this. Thanks in advance…!!

only that particular column or what?

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Yes, only Title column values i want to write in excel row from “K2:CE2”.

well you can loop through data table and get that particular column values like this
and use write range and pass dt_New and set range like “K2:CE2”

Bot is writing in “K” column from K2. But I want to write in 2nd row in excel from K2:CE2

Hi I know its too late. But for who looking for same option, use “Data transpose” activity to change the values read as column into row and then write that data table from K2:CE2, i mean in row.