Need to use dynamic values on the selection from dropdown Uipath Form

I have one scenario on Uipath Form, I am quite new in uipath form.

I have dropdown of supplier ID and I have 4 fields (company name, address etc…) on uipath form, now when the user will select supplied ID it should display the corresponding company name , address etc. on the respective fields, how should I approach in this (all these values are coming from an excel)

The values are coming from excel which has supplier ID (unique values), company name, address, pincode (plz) and city

Any suggestion on this ?


You can use Read Range to read the excel file and create a variable in output Datatable

Now use For Each row activity to loop into the datatable

Inside that For Each row, use Assign activity and create a variable as SupplierID and pass the value as Row(“Lieferanten-Nummer”).ToString

After that use Select Item and pass the SupplierID variable

so if it has the matches then it will selected

If select Item activity is not working then you share us the selector of that so that we can provide you different solution

Hope this will help you


so you want me to use the select Item activity on the uipath form ?
As I mentioned i need to populate this 4 column values on the uipath forms dynamically, as you can see the I will have supplier ID dropdown and these 4 fields.

Did yu get the solution