How to use a dynamic selector in a webform drop down list

Hello everyone, I am new to UI path and I am having a problem with using dynamic selectors in a drop down list unfortunately using the activity select item does not work for the webform I am using. I read that we can use variables for dynamic selectors. How do we select dynamic values in a drop down list?

Thank you.

Do we insert the variables into fuzzy selectors or am I doing it wrong where do we insert the variables.

Hi @Shaun_21 ,

If Select Item does not work in your case, you can use click activity.

  1. Click on Dropdown Menu for populating the list
  2. Click on Actual value from the dropdown
  3. Modify the Selector and use a variable for selecting a dynamic value (You can use the same approach in case of Select Item)

Please find attached the workflow for your reference. (11.5 KB)

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but I have another question, if I need to click the values that are based on an excel sheet how do I click the values if the values are different for each click?

Thank you, for your help.

Hello @Shaun_21

Is you use the selct item itself you can pass the values asthe item value…for that you can use a for each row in activity and pass the value ( CurrentRow(0).ToString)

If its not working, then use uiexplorer to inspect on the element and identify the dynamic attribute… Then you need to pass value to that attribute as given in the video below.

Hi @Shaun_21,

As @Rahul_Unnikrishnan mentioned, you can use For each item in datatable for selecting different values.

I am attaching the modified workflow that reads Excel values and selects dynamic values each time.

hope this helps :slight_smile:
SelectDynamicValue (2).zip (18.3 KB)