Need to select checkbox based on a condition



I need to check a checkbox in a datagrid view with respect to a condition.
For ex : If I have a value called as “office” then I need to check 3 checkbox


HUpdate : this is for web. Didn’t notice the windows app image.

I think logic should still work except the selectors

"<wnd role='cell' text='Office'/>

If you are able to use find children on the table, I think below idea is the simple way and since you have only one condition.

  1. Find Children Activity on the Table - with Filter "<webctrl tag='td' aaname='Office' />"
  2. Use For Each Activity - UiPath.Core.UiElement as TypeArgument say item
  3. Inside ForEach drop an AnchorBase Activity with AnchorPosition as Right
  4. In Anchor Section drop FindElement Activity and pass item from #2 to Element parameter.
  5. In Action, drop Click Activity, indicate on screen any checkbox in that Table.


But the logic fails for desktop application , any sample workflow ?


Not exactly sure how the desktop selector patterns are.Until others pitch in…

Try this in the find children filter and follow same logic.Paste the screenshot if any errors.

role='cell' text='Office'/>"