I want click on Checkbox if the status is blank

The warning should come blank and after that it should check the check box. The documents uploaded can be one/two or more. Which condition activity should I use and how should I implement it.

Hi @Bhushan_Nagaonkar ,

The displayed data seems to be in table format, and assuming it will have either of rownum, colnum or idx for referencing the elements.

Here’s an approach:

-Get the number of rows in the table and loop n number of times.
-Pass the index in the selector of the WARNINGS column element dynamically
-Use get text and check if the string variable is null or empty
-If it’s empty, you can use the same index to reference the checkbox element by dynamically passing it to the selector of the element in the first column
-Use the check activity for checking it.

Hope this helps

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Hey @Bhushan_Nagaonkar ,
Use “Find children” Activity to get the children .
Use a for each loop for the “Children”
Then using Get attribute activity check the status(WARNINGS)
According to that you can click by making the selectors dynamic in the click activity.


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Ill try both of the approach and let you know.
@vishal.kp @Jithesh_R

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Can you show me the flow. How should I get number of rows in the table?

Is it possible to share your flow with me.

Can you share your flow I have never used find children before.

@Bhushan_Nagaonkar ,

Can you try using the table extraction and indicate an element in the table to see if it gets recognized as table?


No I cant do it, its not a valid element


Please check this on how to access …approach would be same to access each cell but attributes you have to find

You can use get attribute on last column and check if its blank in a loop and process futher to check box when its blank(use a while loop get attribute and if condition to check the value)

Hope this helps


MicrosoftTeams-image (71)

This are the selectors, its not in tabular form it looks table


What i shared you is also not having table tag…it looks like table with different tags…please check the same

And either it is a windows app or you are using aa mode …


It is a windows app


Are you able to spy each cell?

if yes then check using idx if you are able to traverse through each cell


No im unable to, it reads the whole block