How to select the particular check box

I want to select the particular checkbox from multiple check boxes.
I want to select only the check boxes that are not checked and i have attached a screenshot for your reference.
Please help me in this .


For this case, you need to check the selectors in UiExplorer and find the difference between the checked and unchecked boxes

Hope this may help you


Hi @Bhagyashree_S ,

First check the attribute from UIExplorer as mentioned by @Srini84 then use GetAttribute activity to retrieve it’s value.

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I actually i want to check the column C1 checkboxes only for the rows who are not checked in column C2 and i want to ignore the checked rows of column C2.

C1 checkbox should be checked for rows where C2 is already not checked.
and I want to perform this task for all the rows available in the screen.

Can anyone help me in this

Are you able to find the checkbox value from attribute or not, once we get to know the checkbox is checked or unchecked only then the logic can be created.

The first step is to find the checkbox status and second step is to check the pattern for two checkbox, pattern means is their any counter value that is increasing or decreasing with respect to other checkbox.

Its finding the value weather its checked or not…but after finding the checkbox value it has to click/check the checkbox of coulmn c1 but if i use click activity inside if condition the selectors are shown below

Have you tried check activity to check, is it working ?


Hi @Bhagyashree_S

Hope these steps would help you resolve this

—first use FIND CHILDREN activity and click on the first check box and get the output with a variable named out_children

—now use a FOR EACH activity and pass the above variable as input and change the type argument as Uipath.Core.Uielement . Inside for each, add if activity item.get(“checked”).Equals(“True”)

—if true it goes to THEN block where leave it and if it fails it goes to else block where use a CLICK activity and pass the input as item to ELEMENT Property

This way it will click all the unchecked box one by one

Cheers @Bhagyashree_S

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How to pass the input as item to ELEMENT property in click activity and my selector for click activity is

and i am getting error in if condition

@Bhagyashree_S , Is this Web application or windows application?

Note:- Could you please show us the value in UiExplorer?.Then for us easy to guide you

Its web application

For which activity u r asking to show the selector values

Using uiexplorer. Click indicate element and choose your check box and show me the full screenshot of uiexplorer. Will let you which one need to choose


and if i use the click activity its clicking on the first checkbox without checking weather c2 column is unchecked or not