Need to read data table from .lin file

Hi Guys,

I have the file with extension .lin and you can see the below data when I open it with excel.


I want the file data in data table format. But while reading this using Read Range it is giving me error as it needs .xlsx or xslm.


Anyone has done earlier this kind of stuff please suggest the approach.

Thanks in Advance.

Hi @

Can we rename the file extension and with xlsx or xlsm format and try using read range!


Hi @shreyash_shirbhate ,

Have you tried using the Excel Activities?

Excel Application Scope and Read Range should be able to read the file since the file is also being able to be opened in Excel Application.

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Hey Arpan @supermanPunch

Nope it is not working.

Hey @pravin_calvin,

I have renamed it but it is not working, it is saying the file is corrupted and it is not able to read.

Hi @kirankumar.mahanthi1 @ppr @Palaniyappan @Gokul001 @Pablito

Can you guys take a look and help me on this?

Can you check what is the real data file format for your .lin file? Is it text file? If so, you can use “Read CSV” activity to read data into datatable.

You can open .lin file using Notepad to check the file format.

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Hey @liu_shubin Thanks for quick revert.

It looks like below after opening with the notepad.

Can you please help.

Thanks in Advance.

It is not text file.

In that case, you can read data to datatable by following the steps below.

  1. Run Excel.exe
  2. Open .lin file by Excel.exe (use UI activity to open the .lin file)
  3. In Excel, use Save As to save it to normal Excel file with file extension .xlsx
  4. Use Read Range to read .xlsx file to datatable.

@shreyash_shirbhate , Can you try with ReadTextFile activity to read data from text file.

I am able to read that file using Excel Application Scope. Somehow it was not working earlier because I was not giving the full path.

It worked after giving the full path.


Earlier I was giving below path, which was not working for me.


Thanks for your help guys!

EAS is more tolerant on derivates (will correct e.g. metadata) instead of the WorkBook read range activity.

In case of you are handling an autocad LIN file the recommendation would be to handle it as text-filtered/CSV file

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