How to Change file format

Hi Guys, Now i am trying to change the file format name. If any file newly create or download to a particular folder in .html format RPA can convert the .html file to .xlsx file. Now i can monitor the folder but i can 't change the file format using RPA. I Try another method if the File download to the folder it automatically move to another folder with .xls format but unfortunately this is also not working…

Thanks in advance

Move file and change the file extension should work.
I made an example of this. This will convert all .html files to .xlsx in a folder.
Let me know how it works for you :wink: (35.4 KB)

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Thanks for sharing the file @Prakitk

can you tell where you mention the folder in flow chart i can’t find the place. If i replace the folder then only i can do my work

I have a variable call “folder”. You can just change it to your folder :grinning:

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