Need to know On-premises orchestrator supports live streaming or not

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Could you provide information on whether the On-premises orchestrator supports live streaming or not? If so, could you also share any relevant details or documentation regarding its implementation

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You can get UiPath support by raise a ticket on the respective product (Orchestrator, Studio, Apps etc) from your enterprise account.

Orchestrator Supporting document for all Queries & Issue - Orchestrator

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On-Prem is called within the docu pages “Standalone”**standalone**/2023.10/user-guide/about-processes

When comparing to Automation Cloud**automation-cloud**/latest/user-guide/about-processes

Switching between the editions we had done by:

Thank you for your previous response. I appreciate the information provided.

Additionally, I’m currently using Orchestrator version 2022.4.1 and encountering an issue with viewing screenshots post job execution despite enabling the recording option. Is there any specific guidance you could offer to help resolve this matter.

I wanted to mention that I’m using Studio and Robot versions 2023.4.5


As a first step, we crosscheck the Compatibility matrix

If nothing is mentioned - direct, sidenotes then come up with detailed description of the issue, once an initial UiPath Forum Search did not help

Live Streaming and Remote Control is supported in the Cloud and Automation Suite flavors of Orchestrator. It is not supported in Standalone (MSI install).

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