How To Enable UiPath Apps With On-Prem Orchestrator

How to enable UiPath Apps with on-prem Orchestrator ?

In order to configure and deploy UiPath Apps, firstly ensure to meet all the below Prerequisites .

The apps that you build can be viewed in the homepage of your UiPath Cloud Portal. Share the apps that are created -

  • Within the same instance of the Cloud Orchestrator - By sharing with the relevant user
  • A different instance of the Cloud Orchestrator - By exporting / importing between instances

There are two options to enable UiPath Apps with on-prem Orchestrator,

Go through the following document for details regarding tenants:

  1. Ensure IP mentioned in the Document are whitelisted
  2. Ensure your On-Prem Orchestrator is accessible over the public internet
  3. Navigate to Apps portal ( and configure Orchestrator.

Refer the below steps to connect On-Prem Orchestrator to Apps:

  • Within Apps, Studio while developing apps it is possible to add process
  • While selecting process, select an option to "Pick a different Orchestrator"
  • Provide the Orchestrator details and then our On-Prem Orchestrator is integrated with UiPath Apps
  • Added screenshot for reference:

To run UiPath Apps, all end-users must be added to the Automation Cloud account and meet the following requirements in order to run attended / unattended automation:

  • Attended: UiPath Robot with JavaScript Add-in enabled (UiPathRobot.js. End-users must have attended processes used in your app available on their Attended Robot.
  • Unattended: (one or more of the following)
  • All other requirements for Studio, Robot & Orchestrator apply
  • Regarding authentication, assign various roles to the users in the Orchestrator as detailed in the following document: Orchestrator Permissions .