Need to filter dates in Excel


I have a data table in Excel and I need to set a date filter in a column. I only need entries until 2 days before “today”. If the query is made on 21 Apr 2021 I only need records until 19 Apr 2021.

How do I do this in StudioX?

Thanks for your help!

Possible options

  1. Relying on Excel to generate your date limit and using Excel Filter activity:

  2. Using Advanced Editor and some basic VB Script:


Thank you! It worked using the advanced filter!

In the meantime the customer asked me to add other filters. I was able to define 2 word filters for a single column but how can I filter for three values/words in one column?

It works for 2:

Is there a VB script I can use?

Thanks for help!

  1. The Advanced Filter is limited to two conditions, same as in Excel, but you might be able to do it in two steps:
  2. You can use Filter Data Table activity instead, which does the filtering “in memory”, not using Excel filters. Please make sure the source range is a Table for the column name to be picked up correctly.



I don’t have the Filter Data Table activity in StudioX (release 2020.4.3)

Try to update the System package to 21.4.0