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Hello Everyone,

I am stuck while filtering the Date Column in Excel using UiPath. I need to get the latest dates and these dates should fall between Wednesday to Saturday. How can i filter the date column based on the above condition.

Kindly help me with the same


Hi @sneha_arbole ,

Could you maybe explain in a bit more detail as to what is meant by latest dates ? What is the Date range that you are looking for ?

Hi @sneha_arbole

use the “Filter Data Table” activity to filter the data based on your conditions. Click on the “Edit Filter” button to define the filter conditions.

  • Select the column containing the dates in the “Column Name” drop-down list.
  • Choose the “Custom” option in the “Operator” drop-down list.
  • In the “Expression” field, enter the following formula:

=#Wednesday# AND <=#Saturday#

This formula will filter the dates that fall between Wednesday and Saturday, inclusive.


Hi @Nitya1

We don’t have Custom option in the Operator drop-down for Filter Data Table Activity.

And i need only latest Dates that fall from Wednesday to Saturday & not all.

Hi @supermanPunch

I have a Date column in my excel where all the dates are listed since 2018. I want the latest dates that is from Wednesday to Saturday only.
For ex. if i run my bot today the latest dates my bot should pick is 05/10/2023 to 05/11/2023.
If i execute the process on Monday then the latest date would be from 05/10/2023 to 05/13/2023

Hello @sneha_arbole

Try this,
It may help.

dt.AsEnumerable.Where(Function(r) CInt(CDate(r(“Date”).ToString).DayOfWeek)>2 AndAlso CDate(r(“Date”).ToString)>DateTime.Now.AddDays(-5) AndAlso CDate(r(“Date”).ToString)<= DateTime.Now ).ToArray.copytodatatable


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Hi @pravupada

This works for the current week.
Would like to know that if the process is executed on Monday or Tuesday will it pick the last weeks dates from excel?


It will work for recent wednesday to saturday,
Whether ot is in current week or previous week.


Thank you for the clarification.

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