Need to extract data from table (Java desktop application)

I need to extract data from table (Java desktop application) .So, I am try with data scrapping but it is not working. It is through the error like (This control does not exist support data extraction. please select a table cell) . So, Please give your suggestion.

Note: I tried with find children also. It is not working.

give a try on using the latest UiPath.System.Acitivities, UiAutomation.Activities.

ensure that the java extension is activated obsolete as it is a SWT based APP (reported below)

In case of it is not datascraping do a following analysis:

Lets assume we do have table with 2 cols and 3 rows
* Open UiExplorer (Design > UiExplorer)
* indicate first table cell
* analyze Tree structure

often we do see on Java based apps (especially Oracle Forms) following:
the cell elements are within a sequence:

May we ask to check this and return a feedback on this? Thanks

obsolete as it is a SWT based APP (reported below)

Hi @ppr I am not able to indicate first table cell. because it indicating the whole row.
The details are stored in list format.

Can you share a screenshot with us. Feel free to redact sensitive information. Thanks

I am getting this response from uiexplorer while choosing first cell
wnd app=‘Application.exe’ cls=‘SWT_Window0’ title=‘Java Application *’ />

<ctrl name=‘BALA10101’ role=‘list item’

The java app that you are talking about is using SWT as framework for drawing elements on the screen and not AWT/Swing. The Java extension is used only for AWT and Swing based libraries.

For SWT based application, the AA framework is used (that’s why you get ctrl selectors). In this case, you only get what the apps provide you through those native frameworks, so, if you can select only the entire row, it is because it doesn’t expose any children.

Now, if Extract Data doesn’t work, you can try using Screen Scrapping.

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