How to retrieve data from a table based on the cell data


I have been trying to get the cell data based on another cell data in the same row of the table. It is a window application ie. Eclipse window.

We have tried using data scrapper and it is not supported. it shows a error popup.

kindly assist.
Thank you.

hey @suchitrapanda
kindly check with the find children activity if it works.

Find Children Activity return only the first column data “Object Type column”.
It does not show different columns, it represents as one full row data.
Attached the UI explorer screen.

When i move to next list it highlights another row.

The entire row data is shown as one string in virtual name attribute property.


  • have a check if there is a different result when java extensions is installed (in case of it isnt)
  • change the UIFramework to alternate provided (e.g. press F4 when indicating the element for selector retrieval)

It looks like it is an SWT application, therefore Java Extension is not needed for this one. Selectors are already retrieved using Active Accessibility ( tag). It worth trying with the UiAutomation framework.

Website. swt . The Standard Widget Toolkit ( SWT ) is a graphical widget toolkit for use with the Java platform. It was originally developed by Stephen Northover at IBM and is now maintained by the Eclipse Foundation in tandem with the Eclipse IDE.

can you please bridge into your statement. Thanks

Sure, the Java Extension knows how to retrieve selectors for apps that use awt.dll to draw stuff on the screen. For example, apps build on Oracle Forms and Swing can be automated using the Java Extension (you can retrieve java selectors). On the other side, apps build with SWT or Java FX are handled using native automation frameworks like Active Accessibility (ctrl tags) and UiAutomation framework (uia tags).