Data Scrapping in Oracle JAVA APP


i am working to extract data from java application, i already install java extension and enable java from control panel, till now i can get read and write data on this application , but my problem is i cant using data scrapping to get entire table from JAVA application, i got message “this control does not support data extraction please select a table cell” as shown…
java error


Hi @takyysh

Try with screen scraping !

And use generate datatable activity!


Hi @takyysh ,

Data extraction is based on the structure of the elements, and in Oracle, most “tables” are actually labels grouped together, and not cells inside a table element. Therefore, as @pravin_calvin suggests, you need some workarounds. It’s not a limitation, but the result of how structures are designed in Oracle (probably Forms) library.

thanks , @pravin_calvin

thanks @vlad.coteanu