Need to clear knowledge about new screen opening and closing

Hi Team,
in my web page i am selecting the dropdown field like see below:
After i submitted the date new tab will be open and show the report [see the screenshot] i need to save that file in one location that i have completed

opening the new tab → i have achieved through the attach window in this selector value was like this :
if i execute xaml file it opens the attach-window command and close it immediately in that do block we have few activity need to do some commands like select the location were to save a file that all not execute ? why what is the reason

same xaml file i am running in my server i got the selector value: Both selectors value are i got from UI Explorer only why this difference Team


can anyone suggest the idea how to achieve ?
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When using the Attach Browser ‘Indicate on Screen’ function, it will only grab the selectors for a whole window or app pane. When using UiExplorer, it will be much more fine grained and will be difficult to grab a window selector.

It looks like a possible reason your actions aren’t executing inside of the Do block of the Attach Window is because it may be too specific. Leave the whole title as a wildcard(*) instead of the URL. The class and title on the second line of your first selector (AVL…) is a common PDF window pane selector and should be sufficient as an identifier to differentiate it from your original tab.

Additionally, ensure you are using an Attach Browser activity for this, since it is a browser, and that IE is selected as the browser type, since this is an Internet Explorer browser.

As Per my Knowledge i understand share few points here :

instead of using the Attach Window you are suggested to me use “Attach Browser” .

I have changed and used the attached browser activity throws an error

my selector value below : [Indicate on Screen]

This is my selector value : [using UIExplorer]

i have set in title=‘*’ and using second line and without second line also throes an error no use

first my big question here is : Attach window open that page and why it is closing automatically how we can trouble shoot these here ?

Any other alternative to achieve this @nickboswell

Hi @RaviDevaraj, when using Attach Browser, you could indicate your browser’s current tab page instead of the browser application (eg. IE). When you indicate your HTML page, the selector should start with <html.

Hope this helps.