Need the credential to login to

I am giving UIpath practical test. I registered my email id on the site. But there are no data available. is there any common username & password or how to add data to do the test.

have you reset your test data?

This is a result of some search, are you trying to search for some particular vendor by name??

Hi @nadim.warsi i’ m working practice exam,
I have passed the exams with a different e-mail address at the training level and now I would like to sign up with a new e-mail address “acme test”. Is this possible?

yes, you can
make sure your academy and acme user id are same.

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thank you i solved problem @nadim.warsi

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Hi everyone how are u? i want selected date is grahter than today in a datatable. How will I write this select?

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hey @gggesr create a new post of you are unable to find any exiting post for your problem in the forum.
someone will be more than glad to assist you.