UiAcademy - Level 3 Advanced Training - Unable to register to ACME System 1 web application

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I am trying to register on the ACME System 1 web application [http://www.acme-test.com] to complete the Level 3 training exercise but I am getting an issue after clicking on the register button depicted in the image below:

Based on previous discussions on the forum, I tried the following:

  • Remove UiPath extension from chrome
  • Register through IE

But the issue continued.

Please guide me on the steps to take to rectify this.


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Welcome back to our uipath community.

Are you using same email id the one used in Uipath Academy ?

Hi @lakshman

Thank you for your response.

Yes I am using the same email id to register.

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If possible could you please share your email id with me personally. So that I can check from my end and let you know.

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Thank you so much for your help.

As suggested by @lakshman, I performed the following steps and the issue was rectified:

  • Went to the ACME web application login page [http://www.acme-test.com]
  • Clicked on "Forgot Password"
  • Reset the password using the confirmation code received on the email id registered on 
  • Used the new password received on email to login.


Glad to help you. Happy Automation :slight_smile:

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