Need structure for Web Automation testing

@aksh1yadav, @ddpadil or anyone tell the common unchanged structure for Excel status writing whether the test result is pass or fail. Please attach XAML sample for single test case.

Want to call the common excel from project specific automation.

It should work like below,

  1. Have common method for Excel read & write. Excel read: To find the test case ID. Excel write to write the status like"pass" or “Fail”.
  2. Assign dynamic variable for Path of the excel, sheet and range for the above “Excel read and write”.
  3. Invoke the dynamic variable value from the another method called “Main” or “Project specific”
  4. If test result pass, it should write the status of pass or fail in the particular excel sheet.

It could be helpful if anyone helps on invoking the datatable from one method to another.


Hi @Shansun,

Check out this link should hopefully be helpful.