How to read excel sheet cell by cell

Scenario: Reading an excel in UIPath

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Hey @saurav.dabas

just for your reference. you can modify a bit as well depends on your needs.


Thank you for your immediate response, I guess i could not frame my question properly, i am new to the forum.

The solution you have provided is working on the Datatable created from the excel, whereas what i want to achieve is read each cell on the excel and perform some calculations or some actions on that cell and after that row is fully read then put a status as done on the next cell in the row.

Thanks in advance

Well may i know why you are not using Datatable and want to perform direct operation on excel. and how you are getting excel data from excel in uipath studio?

Actually i want to make changes on the excel sheet itself and not write the changes into another excel. So i need the data cell by cell so that the changes can be made accordingly and saved on the sheet. Is it possible according to you?

Hey @saurav.dabas

You can write the same datatable in the same sheet without to create a new Excel only when The Row and column counts will be same including header Row and column.

The Other way is connect your excel as a datasource and fire Excel sql based queries :slight_smile: