Read text data from excel and perform actions on website



I have just started using UIPath and hence I am a rookie in using this tool. I am working on something which is ‘UAT Test Scripts Automation’. I have a excel file with multiple tabs with each tab has 1 test script to be executed. Test scripts are written for an application. Test scripts contains a few steps such as below. How can I achieve this using UIPath. I wish to do automation because there are many tabs in excel file and each file has different set of activities.

So, text is written in scripts and I need UIPath to read it and perform the activities on browser so that manual effort can be reduced and time can be saved.

Any help in this regard is highly appreciated.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter username: xxxxx
  3. Enter Password: zzzzz
  4. Click on compose.
  5. Enter ‘To’ email ID: yyyyy
  6. Enter subject: abcd
  7. Click on send.
  8. Logout of



Hello, it may be best if you begin with foundation training in academy, it should provide you with basic knowledge that you need to achieve your goal.