Need Steps to achieve use case

Hi All,

Objective - To clear locks older than 1 hr via web-application based tool.

Current scenario: We are clearing locks manually by one web application based tool by clicking clear workflow lock by IDs button if any locks are exists.

Use case -

There is a DB table by name workflow lock which contains locks information. Need to clear the locks older than 1 hr via web based tool if exists or else check again in 2hrs.

If lock exists then BOT should go to web application tool and click clear workflow lock by IDs workflow button.

Requesting to please share for steps or any alternative approach to achieve this use case. Thanks in advance.



If you have details of db then use db queries and have a stored procedure and trigger it from UiPath whenever you need it…

Or the same can be done using queries on that table


@Anil_G Thanks for sharing but this needs DML privileges roles access to perform. we are limited with select operation only.

can this be automate via web based application tool as that tool have an option to clear the locks based on IDs by clicking button.

Request if you can share “TO BE STEPS” to achieve this use case.


You can…

  1. Connect to db and use run query to get the lock time details and if locks are available
    2.If available go to step 3 else stop the bot
  2. Open the application and connect or login to app
  3. Navigate to the locks page…and if the time different between current time and time from db is greater than 1 delete the locks using the id in selector or any other reliable way
  4. Close the applications

Schedules of 1 hours or so can be done from orchestrator


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