Need screen shots of webpage with a grid view with page nation

I need a screen shots of webpage with a grid view but it has page nation with more than 10 , how can i scroll down to the grid view and take multiple screen shots.

@Sudheer_Kumar_S Refer the below post. It should help you.

@Rahul_Unnikrishnan - In my scenario there is a page nation with grid view having multiple pages 1-14. I need to click on next button and take entire desktop screen shot.

@Sudheer_Kumar_S For scrolling down did you try with any short cut keys

Yes i tried page down but it is not covering all the records and number of screen shots are increasing. I have 25 records for each page

Hi @Sudheer_Kumar_S,

Please do try acitivity: “Copy As Picture - Copy as Picture to the selected range of cell (Optional: Save as picture file )” > from this component link: UiPath Go ! BalaReva EasyExcel Activities

Hope this helps.
Ashwini Kempraj

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I can not use this package as it is a third party activity package.

Hello @Sudheer_Kumar_S

as you mentione din your grid you have 25 records.

May in the first screen 15 records may be visible. Then if you can get the selector for the 20th record. You can use element exists for that particular 20th selector and use a while loo.

If element doesnt exist, Then send hotkey( down arrow), else. “Take screenshot”