Iterate data Scraping

Here in Currency Encyclopedia | Xe , i want to get the screenshot of each country from A to Z,
I want to iterate from A To Z and get country screen shot.

Can any one help me to to do.

hi @jyothi_M.B

i have created a workflow it might help you. (1.7 MB)


Thanks for reply , but here i need only the screenshot of the country not the whole page, ans extract the each page country name.

@jyothi_M.Bm, you can take the screenshot on the basis of selectors or coordinates, so you can change the code accordingly.


can i know why you want each country screenshot?
instead of screenshot,any other information will work for you ?

Because its a condition, i want to take the each alphabets countries with name .
Yes what will be other idea?

@jyothi_M.B then you can extract the names instead screenshot.

if you want only names then i can help you

How can i take screen shot? of each country?


By using ajju code you can integrate like this

1.use find children activity (indicate the whole table). In findchildren filter options you can mention like this

“webctrl parentid= ‘popCurr’ tag=‘A’/” (in quotes)

Scope:-find descendants

Output : Child (find children output)

2.use for each loop

Type argument : UiPath.core.uielement

Now, for each item in child (find children output)

Inside for each loop you can use take screen shot activity (mention element as item)—>properties

Then use save image activity to save image

Hope it works

Aman sheik

@jyothi_M.B, Check if those images have proper selectors so that you can download the images. If not get the country name > go to > search that particular country name > download the image.

Let me know if you face any issues.


How to indicate whole table?

Hey @jyothi_M.B

The simplest solution would be just click on Full List to get all in once because you wanna fetch all data.
Though if you want to iterate page by page. that option also i have :slight_smile:

I have more then one way to do what u wanna achieve but here is one for you for understanding.

Prerequisit - just you have to create a Folder having a name “CurrencyImages” in your .xaml Directory before running sample.
This folder will save all your flag images.

Reference - JyothiSampleWay1.xaml (13.4 KB)


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hi sir I tried your solution but my screenshot output is very small. How do I make it bigger?


I think selector is working upto that part.

My suggestion you can try Akshay code in above mentioned. Try with that and let me know will help you.


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