Need sample project for random logon popup

Hi I am using virtual machine to automate citrix application, scenario is, i open citrix application url search for notepad then save, then again open url check for excel then save updated excel. then again open url open SAP and so on.
nw the issue i am facing in vm, sometimes when url open for notepad or excel etc , a random pop up appear to select logon. its random, it appear all of a sudden in any step
its not asking for credential ,just to click on log on ( complete message is -ur login expire, click on logon to continue}.
Can some one please help me to deal with such popup with xaml file.

not sure how to use parallel activity in such scenario.

Have you tried Parallel Activity?

You might also look up the Global Exception Handler (to create one, click on New in Studio, and it is listed as a separate workflow). Basically, I think the way it works is if an exception occurs for a certain reason, it can perform some actions, then go back to the point at which the exception occurred; it’s similar to the Try/Catch it seems. I have not used this though, so I might be wrong.

can i get the sample for such scenarios

Here you go,

and this for example,