Handle random pop up in excel

I am working in multi excel files… When executing 10 items I am getting any issue…

But while bot is process 50 item at some point I am getting random excel pop (like edit personal details)

When this error occur bot is stock in-between and no process is continued…
It resumes if some manually action is done to close that pop up…

Help out

Hi, please use send hot keys activity (with keystroke “enter”) inside try catch
This will perform enter or accepting the popup

Actually It does not throw any exception … It stucks and stands inbetween

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Dod you try the above approach as i said in my previpus post

Fine we can use PARALLEL activity
Where we can use Image exists activity, get the output with a variable of type Boolean named bool_exists and use IF Condition like this bool_exists = True
Use Click Image activity on one side with this sequence
and the sequence of current activities in other side so that
Whenever the process come across such image it will click on it

Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @Sweety_Girl

U mentioned try catch…

My process does not goes inside catch…

Actually we dont know exactly where the pop up comes

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That’s why buddy
If this is implemented in parallel activity and if any popup occurs paralleled this will be taken care
Cheers @Sweety_Girl

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Can you please visualize that

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Is only one item is used in parallel?

Can we add item in horizontal?

I can only add it in parallel

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